The new beautifying light


The new BEAUTY ANGEL skincare concept was developed specifically for your light treatment. The two skincare products work in conjunction with each other to optimise skin rejuvenation. Top quality cosmetics are already capable of producing impressively successful results. In conjunction with light, however, the effect of skincare products can be outstanding. Since light treatment naturally increases the skin's permeability, cosmetics can be particularly effective. The results achieved by combining BEAUTY ANGEL light treatment ("apparative cosmetics") with specially developed BEAUTY ANGEL skincare products ('skincare cosmetics') are particularly impressive.

Dutch-based hannah Skin Improvement Research Company has years of experience in combining the use of light treatment with cosmetics, and is recognised as a trend setter in this holistic approach to skin rejuvenation. Based on this experience, hannah has developed the BEAUTY ANGEL skincare concept exclusively for JK-Licht. The top quality anti-aging ingredients have been specially chosen for use in combination with collagen lamps and demonstrably enhance the effect.

The BEAUTY ANGEL skincare concept is comprised of two products that work in conjunction with each other: ACTIVATE and CULTIVATE.
Both creams incorporate the very latest findings from cosmetic research and produce both a visible immediate effect and an intensive long-term effect. The recipes contain particularly high concentrations of active ingredients that can visibly, and above all permanently, improve the complexion. The top quality ingredients are particularly effective in conjunction with light treatment. As such, the products should be used before and after each treatment. The results can be further improved through daily application (e.g. ACTIVATE in the mornings and CULTIVATE in the evenings).

ACTIVATE - Activates and supports
Prior to each light treatment, preparation, especially of the face and décolleté, is very important to enable the light rays to penetrate the skin better. The rich ACTIVATE cream has special ingredients that soften the old cells in the corneal layer of the epidermis, thus making the skin more permeable to the light rays. This ensures that the light can penetrate the skin and is not reflected by particles of dirt or oil. In addition, highly effective substances help to activate the skin's own natural collagen production and to firm up connective tissue. ACTIVATE does not contain any perfume and is anti-allergenic to prevent any possible reciprocal effects. This skincare product can also be used daily to produce the best possible results. Since it is fragrance-free, it is excellently suited for application in the mornings - and can also be used in combination with other cosmetic products.

CULTIVATE - Intensifies and preserves
Following light treatment, the highly effective ingredients in the CULTIVATE cream ensure that the skin is adequately supplied with moisturising and caring nutrients. The high-tech skincare product produces both an immediate and a long-term effect and was developed to make the skin and facial contours look visibly firmer and more clearly defined. CULTIVATE supports the skin's ability to regenerate cells and, in doing so, intensifies the results of the light treatment. Wrinkles are reduced, the skin looks firmer, and the complexion looks even and radiant. At the same time, the anti-oxidants in the recipe protect against free radicals and harmful environmental influences. CULTIVATE allows you to continue benefiting from the light treatment, even at home, and supports the daily skincare routine. The subtle peach fragrance enhances the refreshing skincare ritual.

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